Stable coin on Koinos?

Join the discussion on the Koinos Forum: Can Koinos create a stable coin using Mana? Joe Walker talks about using Mana as a way to provide stability to a stable coins in the following articled posted on Medium: Emporia: proposal for a fractional rebase stablecoin framework for the Koinos ecosystem Mana is a resource on… Continue reading Stable coin on Koinos?

Welcome to The Koinos Forum

Hello Koinos! Welcome to The Koinos Forum, the place to learn and discuss about the Koinos Blockchain, where : smart contracts are free via MANA modular upgradable without hard forks microservice architecture (users can add more for free) multi-language support for smart contracts (using existing developer languages such as java) Koinos Proof of Burn consensus… Continue reading Welcome to The Koinos Forum